CMS Releases Model Applications

CMS has released their model applications, which leverage the Enroll UX 2014 design, for comment. Two videos demonstrate the draft online applications.

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PBGH Releases Findings on Plan Choice

Without good tools to guide their plan choices, many consumers may select health plans that don’t meet their needs. PBGH has created resources for Exchanges to use as they build decision support tools.

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Project Deliverable Presentation

This Enroll UX 2014 Project Deliverable Presentation provides a quick overview of the project’s deliverables, and demonstrates features of the Design Reference Prototype.

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Ongoing Development Updates

This section will keep you updated on the progress being made in the Enroll UX 2014 project.  Here you will find a detailed summary of the work accomplished or just underway in each of the four project phases.

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Behavioral Segmentation

Behavioral segmentation is a method for grouping consumers in terms of their willingness and readiness to engage, the comfort level they have with online interactions, and the support they need.

Human Factors Research

Various research techniques were used to collect insights, inspire new ideas and formulate strategic thinking for this project.  The design team spent time with experts and consumers learning about their environments, culture and habits.  The approach concentrated on deep information from a small number of people to understand why people act as they do, and […]

Interactive Design Workshop

A Design Workshop was held September 12-13 in San Francisco. Representative teams from each of the 11 participating states were in attendance, along with CMS staff from the Center for Medicaid, CHIP and Survey and Certification and the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight.

Consumer Interviews

Over the course of three weeks the research team visited 15 individuals across three states to explore peoples’ relationships to insurance and their needs as they relate to engagement, participation, and decision-making. The research explored a range of attitudes and behaviors.

The Role of Mobile

Because of mobile devices’ smaller form factor and input constraints, the mobile channel isn’t suitable to input an entire enrollment application. However, there are discrete actions where mobile devices can provide a useful supplement to the overall enrollment experience.