Explore the Four Phases of the Design Process

Initial Design

In the Initial Design phase, visualize concepts will be developed that communicate the design intent for the exchange portal. Feedback will be solicited from both users and stakeholders in order to evolve these concepts. The focus of this phase is on defining the information architecture of the overall site and developing key user flows for the enrollment process. Designers will develop an end-to-end user flow that illustrates the various scenarios for enrollment developed during the Strategy phase, and a set of wireframes, which show placement of information and functionality on a page. In this way, the design team can ensure that all required data elements are included and that they fit.

The Initial Design phase will culminate in a two-day Design Workshop, at which representatives from each of the 11 state design teams and federal representatives will review and refine the user flow and wireframes in highly interactive sessions, and review visual design elements.