Initial Design Phase

Efforts have been underway since mid-July to develop the initial information and page-by-page flow of the health insurance enrollment and eligibility process and the plan selection process.  The following components are under development:

  • System Overview diagrams serve as a high-level illustration of the proposed flow and functionality. Essential functions are shown relative to one another to help ground teams with a foundational understanding of what lies within the functional scope and flow of the system.
  • Wireframes show placement of all information and functionality on a page. This rough layout is used to ensure that the required data elements are included, that everything fits, and that the organization and flow work. Wireframes do not have a visual design, as the emphasis is focused on the placement of elements on pages.
  • Information Architecture is the foundation upon which websites are built. It defines a website’s structure, hierarchy and navigation. It takes the form of a site map, which can be visualized as a tree diagram.
  • Visual Design is the final step, once the wireframes and information architecture have been refined.  It defines the look and feel, including explorations in color, typography, spacing, texture,gradients and usability guidance through visual focus.

The high-level system design has “lived” on a 20-foot wall at IDEO.  Each week small teams of state and federal representatives have participated in “walk the wall” exercises to ensure that the required data elements, features and functionalities are included.

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