UX 2014 Implementation Demonstrated at Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference

The Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) Technical Architecture Committee, or MITA TAC, is a collaborative effort to address the technical architecture associated with Medicaid systems of the future.  The TAC has been focused on collaboratively implementing a functional demonstration of both front- and back-end technology to accomplish a single, streamlined enrollment process for Exchange and Insurance Affordability Programs in a manner that is aligned with the principles of MITA. The TAC is using the Enroll UX 2014 design as the basis for the user experience portion of this demonstration.  The TAC project, Enroll 12, was highlighted at the 2012 Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference in Boston in August. The demonstration was exhibited and discussed at a panel session, “Enroll 12 – Building a Health Insurance Exchange/Eligibility Determination and Enrollment Solution Aligned with MITA and Human Services.”  Jim Jones, consultant to the Enroll UX 2014 project, was among the panelists. This presentation represented the launch of a year-long effort (now called Enroll 13) to refine a quality user experience applicable to Exchanges, Medicaid and Human Services.  For more information about the project, please contact Dave Walsh at dwalsh@esrv.com.

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