November Spotlight: Maryland and Washington

The design materials continue to be widely accessed, with more than 150 website visits per day over the last few months. Additionally, at least seven states (CA, CO, MD, MN, NY, OR, and WA) and the federal government are leveraging the Enroll UX 2014 design in their Exchange development. Several additional states (IL, NM, TN, and VT) are planning to use the Enroll UX 2014 design specifications to inform their Exchange and/or Medicaid eligibility and enrollment portals, pending final implementation decisions, and other states are also evaluating the design.

Here are updates from two states:

Maryland launched the consumer-facing brand for its state-based Exchange for individuals and small businesses, Maryland Health Connection, on August 23. Enroll UX 2014’s user experience design framework informed Maryland Health Connection’s brand platform, and Maryland adapted and extended the Enroll UX 2014 color and typeface specifications as part of brand development. The Enroll UX 2014 design elements are being integrated into the eligibility and enrollment solution through a style guide currently in development that will provide a consistent consumer experience throughout the portal. The consumer campaign to educate individuals and small businesses, promote awareness, and provide consumer assistance will launch in the first quarter of 2013. Presently, the brand microsite provides information for consumers; when enrollment opens in October 2013, it will link to the eligibility and enrollment portal. Maryland staffers are sharing these developments with their Minnesota colleagues, with whom they share several subcontractors (Curam, Connecture, and Engagepoint — Maryland’s prime is Noridian Administrative Services).

Contact: Danielle Davis, director, communications and outreach, Maryland Health Benefit Exchange, 410-358-6044,

Enroll UX 2014 has informed Washington’s user interface design as well. As in other states, Washington officials described the design materials as a starting point; as implementation moves ahead, new user flows are being created to reflect Washington state requirements. Two areas where Washington is departing from the design are in anonymous shopping and plan comparison. Washington’s Health Benefit Exchange, branded as Washington Healthplanfinder, is emphasizing anonymous shopping as an entry point, both to educate consumers about the affordability of various options and to encourage applications. The Washington portal will allow people to shop anonymously for plans with estimated costs based on family composition and income, choose a plan, then create an account and apply for coverage. Washington has modified the Enroll UX 2014 design for plan selection, which uses filters and then displays three plans at a time, to include a plan search results page displaying all results before the detailed plan comparison page. Deloitte Consulting is Washington’s systems integrator and GMMB is the contractor for branding and strategic marketing.

Contact: Nelly Kinsella, Communications Associate, Washington Health Benefit Exchange, 360-407-4105

Look for future updates on how the Enroll UX 2014 design is being utilized as states continue to make implementation progress.

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