Design Principles

Design principles are grounded in user needs and serve to inspire creative solutions to address those needs. In response to the research insights from the first phase of the project, Enroll UX 2014 established the following Design Principles:

Give Me Direction

  • Show me the landscape—where I am and where I can go.
  • Highlight the transitions between steps in the process.
  • Provide landmarks—for wayfinding to enable shared conversations.
  • Let me know when I am on the edge.

Keep Me Moving

  • Create bridges over gaps by using people and services.
  • Encourage action and reward investment.
  • Give a sense of progress.
  • Provide shortcuts.
  • Keep the end in sight.

Support Me My Way

  • Support transitions between different communication platforms.
  • Allow me to bring other perspectives into the conversation.
  • Allow me to interact with the system in a way that makes sense to me.
  • Allow me to adjust the volume of information I get.
  • Be flexible about the kinds of information accepted.
  • Help me visualize trade-offs to inform my decision-making.

Be A Good Neighbor

  • Give me an opportunity to make my case and be heard.
  • Communicate with me in a way that I can understand.
  • Tell me how my information will be used (and when there will be consequences).
  • Allow me to explore the system in a low-commitment way.
  • Be consistent and reliable in times of health and in times of crisis.

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