Consumer Interviews

Over the course of three weeks the research team visited 15 individuals across three states to explore peoples’ relationships to insurance and their needs as they relate to engagement, participation, and decision-making. The research explored a range of attitudes and behaviors.










The participants represented the core consumers of the enrollment experience and embody a range of perspectives and experiences with health insurance coverage and relationships to public service offerings. Beyond demographic and situational diversity, individuals were interviewed who could speak to volatility in their personal situations (like frequent income fluctuations), varying degrees of experience with public health coverage, and individuals with complex family and diverse coverage situations.

The research focused on three distinct geographies – Cleveland and Akron Ohio, New Orleans, Louisiana, and San Francisco Bay Area. Locations were chosen to represent a range of regional, political leaning, and health care coverage experiences, in an urban, suburban, and rural context.

The consumer research included people with varying levels of literacy and was conducted with individuals who speak English as a first or second language. Although the design specifications will be provided in English, the design will be scalable to support the majority of western language codecs.

The consumer research also included participants with disabilities to understand how their experience with insurance and enrollment. Although the research did not specifically target consumers with sight or hearing impairment, the final design of the exchange enrollment experience will comply with accessibility standards.

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