The Role of Mobile

The online enrollment experience is designed to cover the majority of use cases and situations. Still, it must contain clear on and off-ramps to other channels that provide support throughout the enrollment journey.

Because of mobile devices’ smaller form factor and input constraints, the mobile channel isn’t suitable to input an entire enrollment application.  However, there are discrete actions where mobile devices could provide a support to the overall enrollment experience.

Integrating the use of mobile phones and other smart devices could improve the user experience in the following areas:

  • Actionable Alerts – Messages regarding renewal, prompts regarding missing information, follow-up questions, etc., could be securely transmitted.
  • Upload Documentation – Required documentation could be requested and uploaded by though a secure exchange between the enrollment system and a mobile phone.
  • Enrollment Tracker – Applicants could track the status of their enrollment, the status of an appeal, or their latest communication with the system.
  • Customer Support – Consumers could access additional support on their mobile phones via an interactive phone menu, live chat, a mobile web interface, or more integrated smart phone app.

Mobile Upload of Information
Here’s an example of what a smart phone upload process might look like. A consumer enters her mobile number into the enrollment application. The application sends a secure message to the applicant’s camera equipped phone with instructions on how to upload current verification of income. The message contains an embedded application number, so that when the documentation is transmitted and received, another transaction is automatically launched to append the documentation to the application. A notification is then sent that ithe documentation has been received.

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